Welcome to Angel Nails

At Angel Nails, we offer a great franchise program in super-centers and strip malls throughout the country.  The salons vary in size from 500 to 1500 square feet, which depends on location and availability.Franchisees receive a premium quality nail salon, designed, outfitted, and fully stocked by us, with our franchisee’s success as the top priority. Because of our expertise and the care we put into the design of the salon, our franchisees have enjoyed outstanding success, large annual incomes, and extremely attractive returns on investment.

Angel Nails Enterprises, LLC. (Angel Nails), opened its doors in 2005 through the efforts of Phuoc “Sam” Tran, its founder.  Sam who is an accountant and small business consultant by training, had many clients that owned independent nail salons.  He also owned a salon with his wife Lily.  The insights he gained by advising clients and by operating his salon were instrumental in putting together the concept for Angel Nails.  He learned that with some creativity and hard work, the nail salon industry was a great opportunity for someone to own a business.  His plan for success was to combine great locations with reasonable rent and high traffic flow, keep costs low, and offer excellent service to the customers.  For Sam, it was most important to offer all of the above in a clean, sanitary and relaxing spa atmosphere.  Utilizing all of these concepts, he put together a business plan, and formed Angel Nails.  Since that time, Angel Nails has grown from a local franchise, to become a regional franchiser, and now to a nationwide franchise system.

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